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For your safety we have ramped up our check in and cleaning policies!

Until further notice, you must have an appointment and wear face covering. We will only allow 2 clients at a time in the lobby.

Thanks and we look forward to healing you soon!


$99 for 4 Floats!

Normally, $160, you save big! 

Come to us to relieve all the built up stress of life interrupted by "the virus." 

Keeping our doors open for you is our priority. We really appreciate your support! #supportsmallbusiness

Float safety


Is it safe to Float?

You're probably wondering if it's safe to Float with the threat of COVID-19 still looming.  The answer is YES! We want to assure you that it is and always has been safe to Float! This is exactly what we need to be doing in times like this. Making our appointments to take care of ourselves, not just physically but also mentally, will keep us sane and healthy!

Floating helps to reduce the stress and anxiety we're all feeling now more than ever! It also helps to boost your immune system by putting you in a deep meditative and relaxed state so you can recover from all the bombardment of recent events. 

The Float Tank Association has strict regulations regarding sanitation, cleaning and maintenance for Float centers all over the world.

The CDC Released a Statement:

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through the use of pools or hot tubs. Proper operation, disinfection and maintenance should remove or inactivate the virus.

Microbial physiologist, Dr. Roy Vore from the CDC who specializes in the management of recreational water has also stated that "COVID-19 is not spread in water such as float water."

Our Pods Have Layers of Cleanliness, Sanitation and Protection:

1,200 Lbs of Epsom Salt

Also known as Magnesium Sulfate, Epsom salt is a natural antimicrobial with relaxation benefits. Our pods have such a high concentration that bacteria cannot survive. Researchers have actually introduced bacteria in this concentration and it died quickly!

UV Light Sterilization

UV treatment protects against viruses, mold, bacteria and yeast! 

The water in the Float Pod is hit with UV light or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation as it filters to further sterilize the water. UV light works to purify damaging cellular DNA. When anything undesirable comes in contact with these purifying rays, they are immediately destroyed! 

Ozone Purification

Ozone kills bacteria 3,000 times faster, is odorless, chemical free and 50 times stronger than chlorine!  

As the water is filtered between each and every Float, our ozone purification system kicks in simultaneously. 

Micron Filtration

Additionally, our pods have a self-contained Micron filtration system. All 200 gallons of water is filtered at least 3 to 5 times between each and every Float. It also runs continuously after the last Float until the 1st Float the following day. 

As if all that wasn't enough:

  •  Everyone is required to shower before entering the pod. 
  • You are in a private room away from contact with others!
  • No one is allowed to come if they feel the least bit under the weather!
  • At full capacity, there are no more than 5 people in here at one time.
  • We use a 35% plant based, food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to further disinfect the water.
  • Essential oils well known for their health benefits are diffused throughout our facility to purify the air and also used in natural solutions mixed with 91% Isopropyl (alcohol) to clean all surfaces.
  • Our clients are upstanding, above average, intelligent, like minded individuals who think outside of the box!


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About Us


What Is Float Therapy?

 Floatation therapy provides a remarkable way to calm the mind, relax the body and amplify the spirit. The experience involves lying on your back in an enclosed float pod, which is filled with 200 gallons of water heated to skin temperature, infused with 1,200 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. This incredible amount of Epsom salt provides effortless buoyancy of the body. Some of the anti-gravity benefits  are decompression of the spine, elimination of pressure points on the body, and efficient  blood flow which produces natural dopamine levels and lowers cortisol. Once comfortably relaxed in the water, the sensation of where the water begins and your body ends are integrated into one, leaving you feeling euphoric. 



1. Intense Stress Relief

 Float Therapy can instantly put you in relaxation mode.  Floating reduces stress hormones like cortisol and increases happy hormones like endorphins which boosts productivity and improves physical and mental health. 

2. Naturally Relieves Pain

Floating is known for helping the body tap into its own natural healing powers to reduce and eliminate pain caused by injuries and autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia.  Floating is the most reliable way to ease discomfort without the dangerous side effects of medication.


3. Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

Just a few float sessions can improve your mood and make you feel happier in general.  Floating helps reach "theta brainwave" state which slows racing thoughts and provides emotional release. 

4. Improve Athletic Performance

Floating is ideal for recovery after intense training reducing the risk of injury. Whether you're a professional athlete or just want to live an active lifestyle, you can achieve all your fitness goals when floating regularly.  A body that is completely recovered, can be challenged beyond any limits. 

5. Better Sleep

60 minutes of Floating is like getting 4 hours of deep sleep! 

We simply do not get enough restful sleep.  Floating improves your quality of sleep by eliminating factors such as external stimuli and the pull of gravity on uncomfortable surfaces.  There is no better mattress than Floating!  Catch up on sleep and prime your body to slip into more restful, uninterrupted sleep. 


The elaborate network of our body and mind has everything to do with living a healthy and happy life.  Float Therapy can offer an all-natural remedy which has been proven to promote physical and mental well-being.

In our modern world, it's extremely rare to be free from the continuous bombardment of our lives, whether it be work, family or emotional burdens. As you might imagine, being zero-gravity in a silent and dark float pod gives the body a chance to relax. While the healing benefits of relaxation have long been documented, the intense relaxation of Float Therapy is unique due to the environment that float pods provide. The anti-gravity benefits permit decompression of the spine, elimination of pressure points from the body, increases endorphin and dopamine levels, leaving you feeling blissful for days. The more you float the more benefits you get!


Physical Benefits

  • Improves athletic performance
  • Helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process
  • Increases production of endorphins
  • Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
  • Relieves pain (arthritis, migraines, injuries and so on)
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption


Mental Benefits

  • Stimulates left/right brain synchronisation
  • Shifts brain waves from beta to lower frequency alpha, theta and even delta
  • Creates mental clarity, alertness
  • Increases creativity, problem solving
  • Heightens visualisation
  • Deepens meditation
  • Expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, accelerates learning
  • Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis


Why Float?

Our Services


Our Facility

Our Float Pods

Our Float Pods

 ​ At Float Therapy Spa in Huntington Beach, we've created an atmosphere that exudes harmony and peace, as if you stepped away from the real world .  


Our Float Pods

Our Float Pods

Our Float Pods

 Our state-of-the-art float pods contain 200 gallons of skin-temperature water infused with 1,200 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt which allows effortless buoyancy of the body. 

Floating effortlessly relieves chronic pain, alleviates anxiety and boosts athletic performance.


Our Float Pods


 We welcome you with warmth and our genuine passion to help each and every person experience all the amazing benefits of Floatation Therapy. 


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